direction wellness



disease management

concave backdrop and floating graphic / closet / reception desk / floor covering / screen saver / product sell sheets / game and giveaways / attire /


conceptual development / design / copywriting (headlines) / production / print supervision /

Create a trade show booth experience that allows Nurtur to launch a new wellness product, while educating the audience about the company and wellbeing. The booth uses the adventure concept to explore visually this question: On the road to better health, which path is right for me; and, what tools will help along the way?


Adventure (in terms of wellness) is about finding the appropriate path for the individual, and the word ‘direction’ is key to the sales strategy. The use of the search bar quickly references technology in a simplistic and effective manner, while making a soft and natural lead into a sales dialog. A dynamic image of hiking boots in action creates an immediate visual impact, putting the viewer in ‘the shoes’ of the hiker. Faux turf, park ranger inspired attire and a game wheel (with compass graphic) make for a memorable and engaging experience for attendees.


Some work shown here was created collaboratively.