Super Foods


27 videos, 1-minute or less


conceptual development / copywriting (headlines) / creative direction / food styling /


Working with a professional chef, we created a series of fast-paced video recipes to promote healthy eating by showcasing nutritional ingredients easily assembled into beautiful looking dishes. Recipes were crafted to work within the following categories: single pan, crock pot, energy/immune system boost, and quantity to freeze.


The videos have been wildly successful, having generated over 1.3 million views, 4.6 million brand impressions and over 10k engagements across social media platforms alone. Global interest sparked the need for translation into several languages, including Spanish and Chinese. (Hey, there’s even a Metric System version!) In fact, demand has been so high that a subset of five authentic Chinese recipes was commissioned for that specific market.


Some work shown here was created collaboratively.
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